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Love the blog, and have been reading since the beginning. It really is nice to have a more accessible look at college admissions. I have several, but none of them are particularly impressive — scattered volunteer work, some significant personal achievements that took a lot of time and effort those will be fodder for my essays more than anything , NHS and Spanish HS, and then basketball. I always stayed in with the belief that I needed it for college, that it was a huge bolster to my extracurriculars.

I have a small leadership position on the team, but nothing worth bragging about. The thought of it makes me physically ill. So I guess my question would be, is staying in going to make a big difference in the admissions process versus not staying in?

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Thanks for any input. Not inappropriate at all! This will sound crazy, but it really is possible to enjoy high school AND get into a great college! What about the Girl Scout Gold Award. It is commonly held to require the same about of work and leadership as the Eagle Scout, yet it is not as widely acknowledged.

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Does it hold the same recognition among college addmission staff? It is equivalent in terms of work, dedication, and leadership required, and certainly holds the same position within the Girl Scout organization as the highest award a girl can get. Is this true among college admission committees? Or would both awards be considered equal in the weight they give to an applicant? Excellent question. It is so positive on so many levels giving back to the community, a sense of respect and environmentalism toward the outdoors, helping the less fortunate. While in Boy Scouts I took on multiple leadership roles and gradually became more involved in my troop.

With those roles comes a great responsibility. Once you become involved and have responsibility, it is up to you how you want people to recognize you.

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You can be the leader who just points fingers and gives orders, or you can be the leader who teaches others how to do their job, is involved, is supportive and gives rewards when it is appropriate to do so. It may be difficult to do, but a true leader puts others before himself. Prior to the dinner I had to fill out a form describing my involvement in Scouts as well as a career I was interested in pursuing. For the past six years I have been interested in natural-resource exploration with a focus on the Marcellus Shale gas formation.

I submitted my letter mentioning that I was interested in pursuing petroleum and natural gas engineering as well as getting my MBA. About two weeks later I received a letter in the mail stating that my sponsor for the evening was going to be Mr. I could not believe it! I had a great opportunity in front of me and I decided to take advantage of it.

When I first met Mr. During the recognition dinner, I did not sit directly next to Mr. Harvey, but I did sit next to two Scout executives and the president at Allegheny Ludlum [a specialty metals company]. Also, during that evening, Mr. This bridge was a necessity to transport people and equipment during the National Scout Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Later that evening I approached Mr.

About one month later I was sitting in Mr. I never thought I would be sitting next to the CEO of a major corporation at the age of 17 and carrying on a normal conversation. However, that is what Scouting can do for you. All of the hard work, long hours and leadership training paid off and granted me a seat next to Mr. Just like my Scoutmaster, Mr. Thomas Taylor said, an Eagle Scout is a marked man. Even the engineers and business executives who were never part of Scouting recognize Eagle Scouts. They know there is a story or something special about that individual which sets them apart from the other 96 percent of men in the U.

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