Essay on load shedding and its impact

The reductions may cost the country as much as R5 billion rand a day, according to the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, a civil-society group. Bloomberg visited some businesses during blackouts to see how they were coping with the situation.

Load shedding and its impact

Suzanne van Weely said she is throwing out as many as 15 loaves of unbaked bread daily - about a 10th of what she produces at her Supercalifragilistic bakery and coffee shop in Linden, Johannesburg. When the power goes out, his regular customers - local contractors - stop working and so do his orders and sales. Three of his six delivery trucks are parked in the yard while he sits in a back office lit only by a rechargeable lamp and the light from his smartphone screen.

They should make it two hours then we can at least get some business done. Around the corner, the screens on electronic fuel pumps at the Linden Garage gas station are blank. While owner Marco Dalle Ave jokes that his old mechanical pumps were seemingly more advanced and better suited to rolling blackouts, he is worried about turnover and having to pay staff. While the Rembrandt butchery has a back-up generator, power cuts still have a devastating effect, said Marco Huisamen, its manager.

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Power should be generated from solar and nuclear energy. Power theft should be should be stopped forthwith. On the other hand people should make wise and proper use of electricity. They should turn to using energy saving device. No doubt such steps can help a great deal in ending load shedding from the country. Minister of water and power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf assured that electricity load shedding would be done according to time schedule.

He assured that electricity load shedding will finish by the end of the year but instead it is doubled what it was in the past year It is big failure of the government of Pakistan. No country can make progress without electricity.

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Recent government measures of holiday on Saturday and other saving methods have reduced load shedding but not significantly. He told that senior officers are getting 7, units and more free electricity per month. So, these employees are getting free electricity equal to their salaries. All this free electricity is being wasted on numerous air conditioners or selling to other rich people. Holiday on Saturday is loss for backward Pakistani nation since already government office procedures are dead slow.

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Protests are taking place around the country. People of advanced countries cannot imagine to live in such circumstances for a single day. I have never seen such a intense electricity load-shedding during my whole life.

Much more than documents.

Minister of water and power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf failed to fulfill his promises. Electricity load-shedding is one of the biggest issues in Pakistan including poverty and unemployment.

Government should take drastic measure to finish this electricity load-shedding. Pakistani nation is unhappy that government and opposition is busy in other legislative issues instead of resolving these primary issues.

Load shedding crisis

I challenge that I can resolve electricity load- shedding issue in one year if I become minister or high official of ministry of power. On February 06, there was eight hours of continuous load shedding.

Such shutdown takes place one day every week on the pretext of maintenance. There numbers are provided on electricity bills 8. Similarly other responsible authorities concerned with load-shedding are not attending their phones. There is another very unjust aspect of electricity load shedding. Always equal treatment is suggested by all national and international organizations. There must be equal time of electricity load shedding for every part of Lahore.

Further electricity load shedding is being used as a weapon in order to obstruct people from work. This type of electricity load shedding happens any time without any time table. Political parties have joined hand for forming coalition government but people are facing inexpressible difficulties. The alternative is to have a brown-out where the voltage is reduced. These factories were utilizing electricity and Sui gas in a huge amount. While, , to , laborers were receiving less wage. According to details, the load-shedding hour has reached from 18 to 20 and 20 to 22 in all four districts of Faisalabad division including Toba Tek Singh, Chiniot, Jhang and Faisalabad.

The power looms factories have closed owing to unscheduled and prolonged load shedding while hundreds of industries are also going to be closed while, thousands of labourers have become jobless. Un-scheduled load shedding has left ruinous impact on Textile and Hosiery industry. The national exchequer has to bear loss of million dollars when Textile and hosiery industry of Faisalabad cancelled foreign orders owing to prolong load shedding One of the causes of load shedding is called the circular debt, which means the private electricity generation companies keep generating the power but they do not get the money for the electricity they have provided, in that case they can generate the electricity for limited period and after that when the outstanding amount to be paid by government to these companies cross a limit, by being not able to fuel costs these companies stop the production till they have get paid back by government.

This have been happening very much lately, current approach from government is they let the circular dept build up and while companies stop production they are paid back after many months and mean while that halt brings in more shortage and more electricity load shedding subsequently.

Now this is the place where the issue of rental power plants comes in. The question is, when you are not able to finance the current infrastructure and when you are not fully utilizing the current generation capacity, why on earth you need the rental power plants?

Load shedding stages and what they mean

The plants which does not still started generating the power but we already started paying the rent money. Moreover when you live in country which is blessed with so much of natural resources why on earth you have to go for rental power plants. Wind forms and solar energy power plants have got huge potential in this country which can bring in lots of low cast energy, also if more dams are planned, we can get much more hydro power.

After that come in the coal reserves which is blessing for this nation, we have got the coal reserves which are in few biggest coal reserves of the world. The above facts clearly show that if the right policies are adopted we can not only generate enough power to meet our energy requirements but also generate power to sell out. The problems of our country have never been the resources but only and only the sincere leadership which really cares for the country and all the souls living in it.

For the moment we can just pray to Allah for blessing Pakistan with the leadership which is sincere and capable of making things happen. Next time when you vote in elections just think for your country and nothing else, keep the previous experiences in mind, they will help you much.