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MBA Application Essays Part 2 – Why Our School? and What Will You Contribute? Essays

Essays MBA admissions committees are very fond of asking you to tell them why you are applying to their school. Here are a couple of Why Our School? How do you think that our school can prepare you for your career goals? How will our program enable your personal and professional growth? Contributions to the Class Essays At the best business schools, there are always more qualified candidates vying for admission than there are seats in the class. Here is an example of a Contributions essay question from the current application season: Wharton Essay 2: Describe an impactful experience or accomplishment that is not reflected elsewhere in your application.

You might see other forms of Contributions essay questions, such as: What can you contribute to our program? The point is to provide a specific game plan on how you will use Wharton for your professional and personal growth. Professional means providing Wharton with a clear understanding about what you want from your professional future.

Focus on specific factors that will help you achieve your professional objectives. In that post I provide a detailed method for thinking about goals and need for an MBA. Except for length, there is little difference between Stanford Essay B and Wharton Essay 1 as both questions ask what one wants from the school.

Your job is to engage the admissions reader so that they understand what you want from Wharton for your future. What are your aspirations? You need to give Wharton admissions a very clear image of professional objectives for attending the MBA program. You might express it in terms of your present situation and how you hope to be transformed by your Wharton experience. Career enhancers should explain how an MBA will enhance their careers to continue along the pathway that thy are already on. For example, it is really a waste of word count to mention the names of particular finance courses if the main point you are simply trying to make is that you want to enhance your finance skills.

Every admissions officer at Wharton is well aware of the programs major offerings. If you have a particular interest in a more specialized course or studying with a particular professor, it might be worth mentioning it as long as it is an explanation of why you want to study the subject and not based on circular reasoning.

Usually it takes place within a paragraph consisting of many such sentences. These sentences actually convey nothing about the applicant. The admissions reader wants to learn about you, not about their own program.

Mentioning a course name is not important if the learning need is already something obviously obtainable at Wharton. Finally, remember that if you have something that you really want to discuss about what you contribute to Wharton or wish to mention particular classes, clubs, and events at Wharton that you could not fit into the essay, you can always discuss that in the optional essay.

7 Common MBA Essay Questions and How to Tackle Them

Essay 2: Describe an impactful experience or accomplishment that is not reflected elsewhere in your application. I have been an MBA admissions consultant since and the contribution question is one that I could explain to a client in my sleep. I have done it on this blog many times before. Here is one of my old favorites, which includes a table that you can easily modify based on what I have written below Sorry I am too busy to do that.

Will you get in?

A story not covered elsewhere in your application. Whatever experience or accomplishment you mention, it should not be directly connected to something else in your application. This should be easy given that it surely would not be covered in Essay 1 and the only other options are the resume and application form.

Since you are not seeing the recommendations, no way for you to know what is in them but it is surely not a good idea for a recommender to discuss the topic you would be writing about here. Interpersonal accomplishments related to mentoring or leading others, pre-university accomplishments, highly personal accomplishments could all be possible topics. The key issue is finding a story that involved you learning something and that learning itself must be the basis for a good contribution s at Wharton. One Story with Distinct Contribution s.

It is possible that the story will show multiple ways you can contribute to Wharton or might only focus on one way. Contributions are, at their heart, selling points based on something. Click here to login. Log In Please enter your Username and Password.

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