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Squeezing my best friend hand, I never experienced something so nerve racking, yet so emotional. My heart was pounding, my hands were sweaty but ready to receive my high school diploma. When I finally heard my name being called, my family screamed of joy, especially my mother. During that memorable moment, a capture an eye on people who I used to call my friends Strong Essays words 2 pages.

When you know that college is right around the corner, and the pressure to earn decent grades is important, it causes one to worry. For some, students want to get the fullest benefits out of high school before they graduate, others want out of school as soon as possible. A standardized exit exam helps determine whether the student is ready for the world after high school.

Students who qualified should have the choice to stay in high school or take a standardized exit exam to graduate early Strong Essays words 3 pages.

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High school can be filled with lots of good memories for some people and it could be filled with bad memories, for me it was both I had good times and I had bad times. High school Graduation day should definitely be the best day of your life because that means no more high school, no more having to wake up at 6 or 7a. Strong Essays words 6. I asked myself that very same question.

Essay on The Benefits of Early Graduation

After graduating high school, most individuals plan to attend college for their first time, of course after summer ends. Which can and most likely be is the smartest decision they could ever make after graduating high school. But there are also some graduates who believe since they have worked so hard in their years of high school that they deserve to take a year off before entering college Graduating early may seem like a big decision to make.

A lot of students across the United States are striving to get high school done within 3 years or less. Some students are academically gifted or excited to graduate high school Chen, np. Students are better prepared mentally, have greater opportunities with scholarships and college applications, and they will get a head start on their college careers if more high schools adopted the early graduation format Strong Essays words 3. This issue forces the graduate to adjust and be flexible or look for employment in other areas or even abroad.

Therefore, those who attend college seek for high quality jobs with high income are at a high chance of being disappointed.

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One of the effects of graduating from college is the responsibilities that await the college grandaunts. After graduating from college, one is expected to independent. Such responsibilities push fresh graduates to work extra harder in order to secure a job. Unfortunately, the liability of incurring extra expenses is very harsh for the graduates who are not used to providing for themselves, but depended on their parents, guardians or even sponsors for everything they need at college and even home. Naturally, transition from college is very stressful for the alumnae who still need time to make decisions concerning their lives and future.

Moreover, when one is employed, the income earned might not be enough.

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This implies that one has to take up some other par time jobs so as to raise money to cater for everyday expenditure such as bills. The second effect of graduating from college is decision on whether to look for jobs or continue with further studies. Higher education gives the graduates a chance to advance their careers and venture into their area of interest.

For some, when searching for job seems to be unsuccessful, the only option they have is to continue with the studies at higher level. That is, those who graduated with a diploma will aspire to go for a Bachelors degree, and those with Bachelors degree will want to obtain a masters degree and so on. The option for further studies is believed to be a means of creating higher chances of getting employed with better wedges and salaries as well as achieving certain expectations.

Therefore, with higher education, the graduates have greater anticipation and higher chances of acquiring great jobs with greater wages and salaries.

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Unfortunately, the requirements of getting a higher education are also high with the tuition fees keeping on rising at a high rate. This implies that one has to have enough funds for fees to pay for the expensive higher education. It is also expected that the any college graduate should raise the fee from whichever source for further studies. Other responsibilities that a graduate has to deal with after college which cause dilemma of between further education and looking for a job includes materials, bills and other expenses.

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In summary search for employment, responsibilities and higher education are the major effects of college graduates. Therefore, it calls for the parties concerned to critical thinkers when facing the world after graduating from college. Unemployment results from economic recession which has greatly contributed to the above three effects of graduating from college.

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