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Immense number of problems characterizes slums socially and physically. The most outstanding one is the lack of improper housing. The large population that resides in slums is a factor that leads to the emergence of immoral conduct in the society. Latika is a teenage girl, forced to engage in prostitution due to poverty.

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Indian tradition shows that high-class prostitution existed in the form of celestial demigods, also known as menaka rambha India Dept. Ancient times described prostitutes as feminine charms. Even historical Indian rulers like pandavas had many prostitutes during their reign. It is quite evident that prostitution is familiar in India, according to their myths, and slumdog borrows the idea to educate the entire Indian society on the dangers of prostitution. There is an aspect of human manipulation and lack of self-respect, as portrayed by the film. Maman trains street kids to be beggars for his own selfish reasons.

People like Maman represent the outside world that sees an opportunity in slum dwellers and seizes it to become wealthy. In the film, he trains Jamal and Salim to become beggars but they eventually escape after realizing they were being used. Therefore, it reveals the social manipulation that is rooted in the Indian culture.

Additionally, slum dwellers are engraved in poverty because they are willing to do anything to earn a living, which, further, aggravates the rise of unsocial human behavior in the society. The movie is a typical representation of slum life not only in India but also in the entire world. It shows what this people believe in and how the outside world perceives them. A modern world, which is changing at remarkably fast pace, has resulted to people, failing to understand themselves and even lack concern to study themselves and others. Humans are animals with matchless capability; people can think, understand and even express themselves.

The Indian culture seems to have lost its humanity; the film depicts this from the way Maman handles street kids. Salim also lacks the virtue of understanding, though he constantly asks for forgiveness from his brother whenever he wrongs him. Jamal is viewed among Indians who are human, despite the fact that he loves Latika, he wishes well to her Glover, For instance, Jo bole so nihal, sat sriya kal, Rokhada, Bhai, etc.

Considering the way the story progresses, the language has a rapid flow to it so that people from different walks of life can read it at ease.

And is suspected of cheating. He tells the tales of how events in his life led to him answering correctly to each question on the show. The movie was critically acclaimed and also threw the spotlight of fame over the lead actors Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto. The best thing about the movie, according to me is its cinematography.

It literally is a treat to the eye.

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The streets of Mumbai, the slums of Dharavi, the mafia lords and the spirit of Mumbai are vividly depicted in the movie. The background score and the music also is quite riveting. However, the movie was vehemently opposed by many Indian critics due to the slums depicted in the movie. Author and critic Salman Rushdie argues that it has "a patently ridiculous conceit. All in all, the movie was good entertainment considering the hyped around it when it was released and also considering the fact that is a book-to-movie adaptation. The major difference is that in the book, Ram Mohammad Thomas tells his story to his lawyer, while, in the movie, Jamal Malik tells it to the cops.

Many parts of the book have been changed for a cinematic experience, but it looks bad to a person wants the exact contents of the book into the movie. The theme, the plot however remains the same with a few changes here and there. For instance, the underbelly of Mumbai, the brothels, the hard life of slum dwellers and how they are cheated many-a-times.

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Later that year, the court issued warrants against the nine defendants that had stood trial. As India is considered a land of superstitions, these movies tried changing the mentality of the people. I have got this review from quora. I was atheist and superstitious.

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