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Go to first unread. Skip to page:. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 1. However, the writer is also presenting the reader with some important ideas - themes like the loss of innocence and the conflict between violence and reason.

ISBN 13: 9780333580752

Other common themes in fiction include:. One of the easiest ways to spot themes is through motifs. A motif is a repeated image or idea in a text that helps develop a theme.

For example, in the novella Of Mice and Men , there is a focus on the images of hands throughout the text. The image of hands could develop various themes, including violence and identity. In an extract you might only be able to say what themes are suggested. When working with a short extract of a fiction text, it helps to look closely at the language choices to work out the themes. Look at this extract from the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Try to identify the themes that run through this extract. What an excellent example of the power of dress, young Oliver Twist was!

Wrapped in the blanket which had hitherto formed his only covering, he might have been the child of a nobleman or a beggar; it would have been hard for the haughtiest stranger to have assigned him his proper station in society. But now that he was enveloped in the old calico robes which had grown yellow in the same service, he was badged and ticketed, and fell into his place at once--a parish child--the orphan of a workhouse--the humble, half-starved drudge--to be cuffed and buffeted through the world--despised by all, and pitied by none.

Oliver cried lustily.